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                    1.3.7 Release Notes

This file contains a description of the major changes to ProFTPD for the
1.3.7 release cycle, from the 1.3.7rc1 release to the 1.3.7 maintenance
releases.  More information on these changes can be found in the NEWS and
ChangeLog files.


  + Ensure that mod_sftp algorithms work properly when OpenSSL 3.x is used.


  + Improved consistency/support for name-based virtual hosts.

  + Fixed crashes due to very long lines in AuthGroupFiles (Issue #1321).


  + Fix memory disclosure to RADIUS servers by mod_radius (Issue #1284).

  + PCRE expressions with capture groups were not being handled properly
    (Issue #1300).


  + Fixed occasional segfaults with FTPS data transfers using TLSv1.3, when
    session tickets cannot be decrypted (Issue #1063).

  + Passive transfers fail unexpectedly due to use of SO_REUSEPORT socket
    option (Issue #1171).

  + Implemented support for Redis 6.x AUTH semantics (Issue #1070).

  + Fixed memory use-after-free issue in mod_sftp which can cause unexpected
    login/authentication issues.

  + Fixed SQL syntax regression for some generated SQL statements
    (Issue #1149).

  + Fixed "Corrupted MAC on inptut" errors when SFTP uses the
    [email protected] digest (Issue #1111).


  + Fix build-time regression when using the --localstatedir configure option.


  + Support the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment variable, for reproducible
    builds (Issue #1038).


  + Implemented support for configuring certificate options for LDAP
    connections using SSL/TLS.

  + Fixed issue with FTPS uploads of large files using TLSv1.3 (Issue #959).

  + Fixed handling of IPv6 addresses in From directives (Issue #682).

  + Added -b and -n command-line options to ftptop.

  + Ignore supplemental groups when run as non-root user (Issue #808).

  + Use re-entrant versions of time functions where available (Issue #983).

  + New Configuration Directives


      The BanOptions directive is used to tune mod_ban behavior, such as
      creating ban entries that match/apply to all <VirtualHost> sections.
      See doc/contrib/mod_ban.html#BanOptions for more details.


      The LDAPUseSASL directive configures a list of SASL authentication
      mechanisms to use, when using the LDAPBindDN to bind to the LDAP
      server.  See doc/contrib/mod_ldap.html#LDAPUseSASL for details.


      The LogOptions directive is used to modify the default logging format
      for ProFTPD syslog, debug, and module logging.  See
      doc/modules/mod_log.html#LogOptions for more information.


      The SQLKeepAlive directive configures a periodic "keepalive" query
      for ensuring the connection between mod_sql and the backend database
      server.  See doc/contrib/mod_sql.html#SQLKeepAlive for more information.

  + Changed Configuration Directives

      The LDAPServer directive now supports configuring the trusted CA
      file, client certificate and key files, SSL ciphers, and verification
      policies for LDAP connections.  See doc/contrib/mod_ldap.html#LDAPServer
      for more details.

      The TraceOptions directive now supports a "Timestamp" option, for
      disabling inclusion of timestamps in Trace logs.

  + Developer notes

    When MaxLoginAttempts is reach, the POST_CMD_ERR/LOG_CMD_ERR command
    handler phases will now run.  This allows interested modules, such
    as mod_exec and others, to react to these events (Issue #718).


  + Fixed regression in directory listing latency (Issue #863).

  + Fixed use-after-free vulnerability during data transfers (Issue #903).

  + Addressed out-of-bounds read in mod_cap by removing bundled libcap, and
    relying solely on the system-provided libcap (Issue #902).  Note that
    building ProFTPD from source will *not* automatically include the
    mod_cap module, unless the libcap library is available.

  + mod_sftp now supports OpenSSH-specific private host keys (Issue #793).
    Newer versions of OpenSSH ssh-keygen(1) automatically generate private
    keys formatted with this OpenSSH-specific format.

  + mod_sftp now supports Ed25519 keys (Bug #4221).

  + mod_sftp now supports RSA SHA-2 publickey signatures, per RFC 8332
    (Issue #907).

  + mod_tls now honors client-provided SNI as part of the TLS handshake,
    for implementing name-based virtual hosts via TLS SNI.

  + Changed Configuration Directives

    LogFormat %{transfer-port}
      The LogFormat directive supports a %{transfer-port} variable for
      logging the selected data transfer port.

    SFTPOptions NoExtensionNegotiation
      The mod_sftp module now supports SSH extension negotations (RFC 8332).
      If there any issues with this support, it can be disabled using:

        SFTPOptions NoExtensionNegotiation

    SQLAuthTypes bcrypt
      The mod_sql_passwd module now supports bcrypt-encrypted passwords.
      This can be enabled using:

        SQLAuthTypes bcrypt

      in your mod_sql configuration.  See doc/contrib/mod_sql_password.html
      for more information.

    TLSOption IgnoreSNI
      The TLSOption directive now supports an "IgnoreSNI" setting, to
      tell mod_tls to ignore/not use any SNI, provided by the client in the
      TLS handshake, for determining any name-based virtual hosts.  See
      doc/contrib/mod_tls.html#TLSOption for more details.

  + Added API

    FSIO pread(2), pwrite(2) (Issue#317)


  + Fixed pre-authentication remote denial-of-service issue (Issue #846,


  + RootRevoke is now on by default, meaning that once authentication succeeds,
    all root privileges are dropped by default, unless the UserOwner directive
    (which requires root privileges) is used (Bug#4241).

  + The mod_ident module is no longer automatically built by default.
    To include the mod_ident module in the build, it must be explicitly
    requested via --enable-ident or --with-shared=mod_ident.

    This means that configuration files using the IdentLookups directive
    will now want to using an enclosing <IfModule> section, like so:

      <IfModule mod_ident.c>
        IdentLookups off

  + The mod_tls module now performs basic sanity checks of configured TLS
    files on startup (Issue#491).

  + The mod_deflate module now supports MODE Z data transfers when TLS
    is used (Issue#505).

  + The mod_xfer module now supports the RANG FTP command; see
    https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-bryan-ftp-range-08 (Issue#351).

  + The ftpasswd script now supports a --change-home option, for changing
    the home directory of a user in an AuthUserFile (Issue#566).

  + The ftpasswd script supports deleting a user from a group (Issue#620).

  + Refactored the LogFormat handling code so that it is not longer
    duplicated by mod_log, mod_sql, etc.  The new Jot API is the common API
    to be used by modules for LogFormat variables and logging.

  + Generated new DH parameters for mod_sftp, mod_tls.

  + New Configuration Directives

      The mod_auth_file module supports a configuration directive for disabling
      its requirement for secure permissions on configured
      AuthUserFile/AuthGroupFile.  See
      doc/modules/mod_auth_file.html#AuthFileOptions for information.

      The mod_redis module can be configured to log JSON messages based on
      specified events (Issue#392).  See the
      doc/modules/mod_redis.html#RedisLogOnEvent documentation for details.

      The mod_redis module now implements a RedisOptions directive, for tuning
      some of the module behavior (Issue#477).  The
      doc/modules/mod_redis.html#RedisOptions documentation has more details.

      The mod_redis module now supports use of Redis Sentinels (Issue#396);
      see doc/modules/mod_redis.html#RedisSentinel.

  + Changed Configuration Directives

    AllowForeignAddress class-name
      The AllowForeignAddress directive supports a Class name, for finer-grained
      control over which clients are allowed to use foreign/mismatching IP
      addresses for transfers.  See
      doc/modules/mod_core.html#AllowForeignAddress for more information.

    ExecEnviron %b
      The ExecEnviron directive has been fixed to properly resolve the %b
      LogFormat variable (Issue#515).

    RedisServer db-index (Issue#550)
      The mod_redis module can now be configured to select a database index
      via the RedisServer directive (Issue#550).  See the
      doc/modules/mod_redis.html#RedisServer documentation for details.

    RewriteMap idnatrans
      The mod_rewrite module can now support rewriting `idn` to `idna`
      formats (Issue#231).  See the doc/modules/mod_rewrite#RewriteMap for
      details on how to do so.

    RootRevoke on
      The RootRevoke directive is now enabled by default (Bug#4241).  This
      makes for more secure configurations/sessions out-of-the-box.  See
      doc/modules/mod_auth.html#RootRevoke for more information.

    SFTPCiphers, SFTPDigests
      Some weak algorithms are now disabled by default in mod_sftp (Bug#4279).
      These algorithms, if need be, can be explicitly enabled by configuration;
      they are just not enabled automatically.  For list of the algorithms
      affected, see doc/contrib/mod_sftp.html#SFTPCiphers,

    SFTPOptions IncludeSFTPTimes
      The SFTOptions directive of mod_sftp now supports an option for explicitly
      including the timestamps of files when SFTP protocol 4 and higher are
      used, even if the SFTP client did not request these timestamps.  This
      works around a bug in the popular Rebex SFTP library; see
      doc/contrib/mod_sftp.html#SFTPOptions for details.

    TLSProtocol TLSv1.3
      The mod_tls module, and its TLSProtocol directive, now support TLSv1.3
      (Issue#536).  See doc/contrib/mod_tls.html#TLSProtocol for more

      The TLSServerCipherPreference directive is now enabled by default.
      See doc/contrib/mod_tls.html#TLSServerCipherPrefrence.

    TLSStaplingOptions NoFakeTryLater
      Some TLS clients have trouble with the "fake" OCSP response that mod_tls
      might stable, when the client requested stapled OCSP responses and
      mod_tls is unable to contact the OCSP responder.  Use this option to
      disable such fake responses (Issue#518):

        TLSStaplingOptions NoFakeTryLater

      See doc/contrib/mod_tls.html#TLSStaplingOptions for details.

  + Removed Configuration Directives

    The following directives have been removed:

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