QID 376379

QID 376379: IBM Tivoli Netcool Log4j Vulnerability (6527266)

IBM Tivoli Netcool/Impact is network management software that automates the support of business-critical functions.

Affected Versions:
IBM Tivoli Netcool Impact to

Allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on the system, caused by the failure to protect against attacker controlled LDAP and other JNDI related endpoints by JNDI features.

  • CVSS V3 rated as Critical - 10 severity.
  • CVSS V2 rated as Critical - 9.3 severity.
  • Solution
    Vendor has released patch to address this issue .For more details about product and patch information please refer vendor's advisory 6527266.

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    6527266 URL Logo www.ibm.com/support/pages/node/6527266