QID 376415

Date Published: 2022-02-17

QID 376415: IBM WebSphere Application Server Multiple Vulnerabilities (Log4Shell) (6526750)

There is a vulnerability in the Apache Log4j open source library used by WebSphere Application Server.

Affected Versions:

Affected Versions:
WebSphere Application Server V9.0.0.0 through
WebSphere Application Server V8.5.0.0 through
WebSphere Application Server V8.0.0.0 through
WebSphere Application Server V7.0.0.0 through
QID Detection Logic (Authenticated): This QID checks for the vulnerable version of IBM WebSphere Application Server and checks if the patches are installed or not.

A remote attacker with control over Thread Context Map (MDC) input data or a Thread Context Map pattern to exploit this vulnerability to craft malicious input data using a JNDI Lookup pattern and cause a denial of service. If the deployed application is configured to use JMSAppender, an attacker could exploit this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code on the system.

  • CVSS V3 rated as Critical - 9 severity.
  • CVSS V2 rated as High - 6 severity.
  • Solution
    The vendor has released patches. Please visit IBM WebSphere Application Server(6526750) for more information.
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    6526750 URL Logo www.ibm.com/support/pages/node/6526750