QID 730303

Date Published: 2021-12-21

QID 730303: Apache Flink Emergency Release for Apache Log4j Vulnerability (Log4Shell)

Apache Flink is an open-source, unified stream-processing and batch-processing framework developed by the Apache Software Foundation. The core of Apache Flink is a distributed streaming data-flow engine written in Java and Scala. Flink executes arbitrary dataflow programs in a data-parallel and pipelined (hence task parallel) manner.

Affected Versions:
Apache Flink 1.14 versions prior to 1.14.2
Apache Flink 1.13 versions prior to 1.13.5
Apache Flink 1.12 versions prior to 1.12.7
Apache Flink 1.11 versions prior to 1.11.6

QID Detection Logic (Unauthenticated):
This QID sends a GET request to grab the value of 'flink-version' from the source code, and checks if the version is vulnerable or not.

Successful exploitation of the vulnerability may allow remote code execution

  • CVSS V3 rated as Critical - 10 severity.
  • CVSS V2 rated as Critical - 9.3 severity.
  • Solution
    Vendor has released patch, for more information please refer to Apache Flink Security Advisory
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    Apache Flink Security Advisory URL Logo flink.apache.org/news/2021/12/16/log4j-patch-releases