Known Vulnerabilities for Android Api by Google

Listed below are 1 of the newest known vulnerabilities associated with "Android Api" by "Google".

These CVEs are retrieved based on exact matches on listed software, hardware, and vendor information (CPE data) as well as a keyword search to ensure the newest vulnerabilities with no officially listed software information are still displayed.

Data on known vulnerable versions is also displayed based on information from known CPEs

Known Vulnerabilities

CVE Shortened Description Severity Publish Date Last Modified
CVE-2023-22473 Talk-Android enables users to have video & audio calls through Nextcloud on Android. Due to passcode bypass, an attacker is a... Not Provided 2023-01-09 2023-01-09
CVE-2023-20928 In binder_vma_close of binder.c, there is a possible use after free due to improper locking. This could lead to local escalat... Not Provided 2023-01-26 2023-01-26
CVE-2023-20925 In setUclampMinLocked of PowerSessionManager.cpp, there is a possible way to corrupt memory due to a use after free. This cou... Not Provided 2023-01-26 2023-01-26
CVE-2023-20924 In (TBD) of (TBD), there is a possible way to bypass the lockscreen due to Biometric Auth Failure. This could lead to local e... Not Provided 2023-01-26 2023-01-26
CVE-2023-20923 In exported content providers of ShannonRcs, there is a possible way to get access to protected content providers due to a pe... Not Provided 2023-01-26 2023-01-26
CVE-2023-20922 In setMimeGroup of, there is a possible crash loop due to resource exhaustion. This could lead to ... Not Provided 2023-01-26 2023-01-26
CVE-2023-20921 In onPackageRemoved of, there is a possibility to automatically grant accessibility services... Not Provided 2023-01-26 2023-01-26
CVE-2023-20920 In queue of, there is a possible way to corrupt memory due to a use after free. This could lead to local esca... Not Provided 2023-01-26 2023-01-26
CVE-2023-20919 In getStringsForPrefix of, there is a possible prevention of package uninstallation due to a logic error in the... Not Provided 2023-01-26 2023-01-26
CVE-2023-20916 In getMainActivityLaunchIntent of, there is a possible way to bypass the restrictions on starting ac... Not Provided 2023-01-26 2023-01-26

Known Affected Configurations (CPE V2.3)

Type Vendor Product Version Update Edition Language
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api9.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api8.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api7.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api6.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api5.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api4.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api3.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api2.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api19.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api18.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api17.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api16.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api15.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api14.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api13.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api12.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api11.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api10.0AllAllAll
ApplicationGoogleAndroid Api1.0AllAllAll

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