Known Vulnerabilities for Metinfo by Metinfo

Listed below are 10 of the newest known vulnerabilities associated with the software "Metinfo" by "Metinfo".

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Known Vulnerabilities

CVE Shortened Description Severity Publish Date Last Modified
CVE-2020-21127 MetInfo 7.0.0 contains a SQL injection vulnerability via admin/?n=logs&c=index&a=dodel. Not Provided 2021-09-15 2021-09-15
CVE-2020-21126 MetInfo 7.0.0 contains a Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) via admin/?n=admin&c=index&a=doSaveInfo. Not Provided 2021-09-15 2021-09-15
CVE-2020-20981 A SQL injection in the /admin/?n=logs&c=index&a=dolist component of Metinfo 7.0 allows attackers to access sensitive database... Not Provided 2021-08-12 2021-08-12
CVE-2020-20907 MetInfo 7.0 beta is affected by a file modification vulnerability. Attackers can delete and modify ini files in app/system/la... 9.1 - CRITICAL 2021-05-24 2021-05-28
CVE-2020-20800 An issue was discovered in MetInfo v7.0.0 beta. There is SQL Injection via the install/index.php?action=adminsetup&cndata=yes... 9.8 - CRITICAL 2020-09-30 2020-10-02
CVE-2020-20585 A blind SQL injection in /admin/?n=logs&c=index&a=dode of Metinfo 7.0 beta allows attackers to access sensitive database info... 7.5 - HIGH 2021-07-08 2021-07-12
CVE-2020-19305 An issue in /app/system/column/admin/index.class.php of Metinfo v7.0.0 causes the indeximg parameter to be deleted when the c... 7.5 - HIGH 2021-08-03 2021-08-03
CVE-2020-19304 An issue in /admin/index.php?n=system&c=filept&a=doGetFileList of Metinfo v7.0.0 allows attackers to perform a directory trav... 7.5 - HIGH 2021-08-03 2021-08-03
CVE-2020-18175 SQL Injection vulnerability in Metinfo 6.1.3 via a dosafety_emailadd action in basic.php. 7.5 - HIGH 2021-07-30 2021-07-30
CVE-2020-18157 Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability in MetInfo 6.1.3 via a doaddsave action in admin/index.php. 7.5 - HIGH 2021-07-30 2021-07-30

Known Affected Configurations (CPE V2.3)

Type Vendor Product Version Update Edition Language

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