Known Vulnerabilities for Mysql Workbench by Oracle

Listed below are 10 of the newest known vulnerabilities associated with "Mysql Workbench" by "Oracle".

These CVEs are retrieved based on exact matches on listed software, hardware, and vendor information (CPE data) as well as a keyword search to ensure the newest vulnerabilities with no officially listed software information are still displayed.

Data on known vulnerable versions is also displayed based on information from known CPEs

Known Vulnerabilities

CVE Shortened Description Severity Publish Date Last Modified
CVE-2022-23308 valid.c in libxml2 before 2.9.13 has a use-after-free of ID and IDREF attributes. 7.5 - HIGH 2022-02-26 2022-11-02
CVE-2022-21824 Due to the formatting logic of the "console.table()" function it was not safe to allow user controlled input to be passed to ... 8.2 - HIGH 2022-02-24 2022-11-10
CVE-2021-20227 A flaw was found in SQLite's SELECT query functionality (src/select.c). This flaw allows an attacker who is capable of runnin... 5.5 - MEDIUM 2021-03-23 2022-11-16
CVE-2021-3712 ASN.1 strings are represented internally within OpenSSL as an ASN1_STRING structure which contains a buffer holding the strin... 7.4 - HIGH 2021-08-24 2022-12-06
CVE-2021-3634 A flaw has been found in libssh in versions prior to 0.9.6. The SSH protocol keeps track of two shared secrets during the lif... 6.5 - MEDIUM 2021-08-31 2022-11-16
CVE-2021-3537 A vulnerability found in libxml2 in versions before 2.9.11 shows that it did not propagate errors while parsing XML mixed con... 5.9 - MEDIUM 2021-05-14 2023-02-28
CVE-2021-3518 There's a flaw in libxml2 in versions before 2.9.11. An attacker who is able to submit a crafted file to be processed by an a... 8.8 - HIGH 2021-05-18 2022-10-05
CVE-2021-3517 There is a flaw in the xml entity encoding functionality of libxml2 in versions before 2.9.11. An attacker who is able to sup... 8.6 - HIGH 2021-05-19 2022-10-05
CVE-2021-3450 The X509_V_FLAG_X509_STRICT flag enables additional security checks of the certificates present in a certificate chain. It is... 7.4 - HIGH 2021-03-25 2023-02-28
CVE-2021-3449 An OpenSSL TLS server may crash if sent a maliciously crafted renegotiation ClientHello message from a client. If a TLSv1.2 r... 5.9 - MEDIUM 2021-03-25 2022-08-29

Known Affected Configurations (CPE V2.3)

Type Vendor Product Version Update Edition Language
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench8.0.20AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench8.0.19AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench8.0.18AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench8.0.17AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench8.0.16AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench8.0.15AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench8.0.14AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench8.0.13AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench8.0.12AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench6.3.8AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench6.3.10AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench6.2.5AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench6.1.7AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench6.0.9AllAllAll
ApplicationOracleMysql Workbench5.2.47AllAllAll

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