Known Vulnerabilities for products from Unknown

Listed below are 7 of the newest known vulnerabilities associated with the vendor "Unknown".

These CVEs are retrieved based on exact matches on listed vendor information (CPE data) as well as a keyword search to ensure the newest vulnerabilities with no officially listed vendor information are still displayed.

Data on known vulnerable products is also displayed based on information from known CPEs, each product links to its respective vulnerability page.

Known Vulnerabilities

CVE Shortened Description Severity Publish Date Last Modified
CVE-2021-41136 Puma is a HTTP 1.1 server for Ruby/Rack applications. Prior to versions 5.5.1 and 4.3.9, using `puma` with a proxy which forw... 3.7 - LOW 2021-10-12 2021-10-12
CVE-2021-34150 The Bluetooth Classic implementation on Bluetrum AB5301A devices with unknown firmware versions does not properly handle the ... 6.5 - MEDIUM 2021-09-07 2021-09-07
CVE-2021-32066 An issue was discovered in Ruby through 2.6.7, 2.7.x through 2.7.3, and 3.x through 3.0.1. Net::IMAP does not raise an except... 7.4 - HIGH 2021-08-01 2021-10-13
CVE-2020-5413 Spring Integration framework provides Kryo Codec implementations as an alternative for Java (de)serialization. When Kryo is c... 9.8 - CRITICAL 2020-07-31 2021-10-20
CVE-2017-4995 An issue was discovered in Pivotal Spring Security 4.2.0.RELEASE through 4.2.2.RELEASE, and Spring Security 5.0.0.M1. When co... 8.1 - HIGH 2017-11-27 2021-09-27
CVE-2016-2182 The BN_bn2dec function in crypto/bn/bn_print.c in OpenSSL before 1.1.0 does not properly validate division results, which all... 9.8 - CRITICAL 2016-09-16 2021-11-17
CVE-2014-7169 GNU Bash through 4.3 bash43-025 processes trailing strings after certain malformed function definitions in the values of envi... 10 - HIGH 2014-09-25 2021-11-17

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