Known Vulnerabilities for products from Notepad-plus-plus

Listed below are 2 of the newest known vulnerabilities associated with the vendor "Notepad-plus-plus".

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Known Vulnerabilities

CVE Shortened Description Severity Publish Date Last Modified
CVE-2022-48227 An issue was discovered in Acuant AsureID Sentinel before 5.2.149. It allows elevation of privileges because it opens Notepad... 7.8 - HIGH 2023-04-04 2023-04-04
CVE-2019-16294 SciLexer.dll in Scintilla in Notepad++ (x64) before 7.7 allows remote code execution or denial of service via Unicode charact... 7.8 - HIGH 2019-09-14 2023-02-28
CVE-2017-8803 Notepad++ 7.3.3 (32-bit) with Hex Editor Plugin v0.9.5 might allow user-assisted attackers to execute code via a crafted file... 7.8 - HIGH 2017-07-05 2021-09-13

Known software with vulnerabilities from Notepad-plus-plus

Type Vendor Product Version
ApplicationNotepad-plus-plusNotepad 1.0

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