Known Vulnerabilities for Clustered Data Ontap by Netapp

Listed below are 10 of the newest known vulnerabilities associated with "Clustered Data Ontap" by "Netapp".

These CVEs are retrieved based on exact matches on listed software, hardware, and vendor information (CPE data) as well as a keyword search to ensure the newest vulnerabilities with no officially listed software information are still displayed.

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Known Vulnerabilities

CVE Shortened Description Severity Publish Date Last Modified
CVE-2022-23852 Expat (aka libexpat) before 2.4.4 has a signed integer overflow in XML_GetBuffer, for configurations with a nonzero XML_CONTE... 9.8 - CRITICAL 2022-01-24 2022-10-29
CVE-2022-23308 valid.c in libxml2 before 2.9.13 has a use-after-free of ID and IDREF attributes. 7.5 - HIGH 2022-02-26 2022-11-02
CVE-2022-23241 Clustered Data ONTAP versions 9.11.1 through 9.11.1P2 with SnapLock configured FlexGroups are susceptible to a vulnerability ... 8.1 - HIGH 2022-10-19 2022-10-21
CVE-2022-22576 An improper authentication vulnerability exists in curl 7.33.0 to and including 7.82.0 which might allow reuse OAUTH2-authent... 8.1 - HIGH 2022-05-26 2023-07-24
CVE-2021-3541 A flaw was found in libxml2. Exponential entity expansion attack its possible bypassing all existing protection mechanisms an... 6.5 - MEDIUM 2021-07-09 2022-03-01
CVE-2021-3537 A vulnerability found in libxml2 in versions before 2.9.11 shows that it did not propagate errors while parsing XML mixed con... 5.9 - MEDIUM 2021-05-14 2023-02-28
CVE-2021-3518 There's a flaw in libxml2 in versions before 2.9.11. An attacker who is able to submit a crafted file to be processed by an a... 8.8 - HIGH 2021-05-18 2022-10-05
CVE-2021-3517 There is a flaw in the xml entity encoding functionality of libxml2 in versions before 2.9.11. An attacker who is able to sup... 8.6 - HIGH 2021-05-19 2022-10-05
CVE-2021-3516 There's a flaw in libxml2's xmllint in versions before 2.9.11. An attacker who is able to submit a crafted file to be process... 7.8 - HIGH 2021-06-01 2022-03-01
CVE-2021-0127 Insufficient control flow management in some Intel(R) Processors may allow an authenticated user to potentially enable a deni... 5.5 - MEDIUM 2022-02-09 2023-08-08

Known Affected Configurations (CPE V2.3)

Type Vendor Product Version Update Edition Language
NetappClustered Data Ontap9.7rc1AllAll
NetappClustered Data Ontap9.6AllAllAll
NetappClustered Data Ontap9.6p1AllAll
NetappClustered Data Ontap9.6p3AllAll
NetappClustered Data Ontap9.6p4AllAll
ApplicationNetappClustered Data Ontap9.5-AllAll
ApplicationNetappClustered Data Ontap9.5p1AllAll
NetappClustered Data Ontap9.5p6AllAll
NetappClustered Data Ontap9.5p8AllAll
NetappClustered Data Ontap9.5p9AllAll
ApplicationNetappClustered Data Ontap9.4-AllAll
ApplicationNetappClustered Data Ontap9.4p1AllAll
ApplicationNetappClustered Data Ontap9.4p2AllAll
ApplicationNetappClustered Data Ontap9.4p3AllAll
ApplicationNetappClustered Data Ontap9.4p4AllAll
ApplicationNetappClustered Data Ontap9.4p5AllAll
NetappClustered Data Ontap9.4p8AllAll
ApplicationNetappClustered Data Ontap9.4rc1AllAll
ApplicationNetappClustered Data Ontap9.3-AllAll
ApplicationNetappClustered Data Ontap9.3p1AllAll

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