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Known Vulnerabilities

CVE Shortened Description Severity Publish Date Last Modified
CVE-2022-23308 ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new secur... 7.5 - HIGH 2022-02-26 2022-11-02
CVE-2021-30560 Use after free in Blink XSLT in Google Chrome prior to 91.0.4472.164 allowed a remote attacker to potentially exploit heap co... 8.8 - HIGH 2021-08-03 2022-10-27
CVE-2021-3541 A flaw was found in libxml2. Exponential entity expansion attack its possible bypassing all existing protection mechanisms an... 6.5 - MEDIUM 2021-07-09 2022-03-01
CVE-2021-3537 A vulnerability found in libxml2 in versions before 2.9.11 shows that it did not propagate errors while parsing XML mixed con... 5.9 - MEDIUM 2021-05-14 2023-02-28
CVE-2021-3518 There's a flaw in libxml2 in versions before 2.9.11. An attacker who is able to submit a crafted file to be processed by an a... 8.8 - HIGH 2021-05-18 2022-10-05
CVE-2021-3517 There is a flaw in the xml entity encoding functionality of libxml2 in versions before 2.9.11. An attacker who is able to sup... 8.6 - HIGH 2021-05-19 2022-10-05
CVE-2021-3516 There's a flaw in libxml2's xmllint in versions before 2.9.11. An attacker who is able to submit a crafted file to be process... 7.8 - HIGH 2021-06-01 2022-03-01
CVE-2020-24977 GNOME project libxml2 v2.9.10 has a global buffer over-read vulnerability in xmlEncodeEntitiesInternal at libxml2/entities.c.... 6.5 - MEDIUM 2020-09-04 2022-07-25
CVE-2020-7595 xmlStringLenDecodeEntities in parser.c in libxml2 2.9.10 has an infinite loop in a certain end-of-file situation. 7.5 - HIGH 2020-01-21 2022-07-25
CVE-2019-20388 xmlSchemaPreRun in xmlschemas.c in libxml2 2.9.10 allows an xmlSchemaValidateStream memory leak. 7.5 - HIGH 2020-01-21 2022-07-25
CVE-2019-19956 xmlParseBalancedChunkMemoryRecover in parser.c in libxml2 before 2.9.10 has a memory leak related to newDoc->oldNs. 7.5 - HIGH 2019-12-24 2021-07-21
CVE-2019-18197 In xsltCopyText in transform.c in libxslt 1.1.33, a pointer variable isn't reset under certain circumstances. If the relevant... 7.5 - HIGH 2019-10-18 2020-08-24
CVE-2019-13118 In numbers.c in libxslt 1.1.33, a type holding grouping characters of an xsl:number instruction was too narrow and an invalid... 5.3 - MEDIUM 2019-07-01 2023-04-10
CVE-2019-13117 In numbers.c in libxslt 1.1.33, an xsl:number with certain format strings could lead to a uninitialized read in xsltNumberFor... 5.3 - MEDIUM 2019-07-01 2023-04-06
CVE-2019-11068 libxslt through 1.1.33 allows bypass of a protection mechanism because callers of xsltCheckRead and xsltCheckWrite permit acc... 9.8 - CRITICAL 2019-04-10 2023-03-24
CVE-2019-5815 Type confusion in xsltNumberFormatGetMultipleLevel prior to libxslt 1.1.33 could allow attackers to potentially exploit heap ... 7.5 - HIGH 2019-12-11 2022-10-27
CVE-2018-14567 libxml2 2.9.8, if --with-lzma is used, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (infinite loop) via a crafted XML... 6.5 - MEDIUM 2018-08-16 2020-09-10
CVE-2018-14404 A NULL pointer dereference vulnerability exists in the xpath.c:xmlXPathCompOpEval() function of libxml2 through 2.9.8 when pa... 7.5 - HIGH 2018-07-19 2020-09-10
CVE-2018-9251 The xz_decomp function in xzlib.c in libxml2 2.9.8, if --with-lzma is used, allows remote attackers to cause a denial of serv... 5.3 - MEDIUM 2018-04-04 2019-10-03
CVE-2017-18258 The xz_head function in xzlib.c in libxml2 before 2.9.6 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (memory consumpt... 6.5 - MEDIUM 2018-04-08 2020-09-10

Known software with vulnerabilities from Xmlsoft

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